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Best in Lead Generation

Devoted to determine the best quality leads for all your company needs.

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Dedicated Team

You will have an expert team working only for you.

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Spontaneous Calling Services.

High chances of reaching the key decision-makers, fixing appointments, and closing the deal in a short period of time through spontaneous free flow callings.



Falcon Konnect is a leading company that is mastered in expelling the sales and marketing goals that you have set for your company. Our professionals are highly skilled and will be ready to be working on board with all your company needs and expertise. We will be providing a strong extended service for your sales and marketing prospects.

We recognize that our success and growth depend on the talent of our highly skilled professionals and agents in the field. We leverage our proven training and proprietary technology to ensure the success and professionalism of our sales reps, and this combination makes us one of the leading outsourced sales and marketing companies.

We significantly increase our customer’s revenue and market share by enforcing our proven Sales Management methods to build the most effective sales force. We deploy that sales force automation systems with clearly defined policies, procedures, and campaign standards, and measure that sales force to ensure results.

An empowered buyer is exactly what a sales and marketing organization should be targeting. Sales and marketing should unite to determine who their ideal customer is and how to reveal their latent pain and to move the customer to a place where they are more successful because of the product or service being offered.

Claudine Bianchi
We like what we do

Team of Experts

Ethics and integrity are the bases on which our professionals build their careers.
They are fundamentals that become daily attitudes.


Dinesh Correa

Managing Director


Dayana D'Lima

General Manager


Jinu George

Accounts Manager


Kevin Pais

Operations Manager


Prajval Nayak

Marketing Manager

Our business areas

Excellence in Services


Account Based Marketing (ABM)

You might probably know your biggest target company but end up failing to reach their doorstep.


Account Profiling

Sales teams can no longer engage with just one decision-maker but must engage with a group of buyers